Nice Contrast

Ernst Seger
Nach dem Bade
Porcelain and bronze
Pforzheim, Germany

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PLA-Based Filaments Blended With Composites

Filaments that have wood or metal blended with the plastic, have been available for some time (check this blog’s material category for some examples). At this year’s CES, MakerBot has announced their own version of these filaments. The new PLA-composite filaments types include limestone, maplewood, bronze and iron.

MakerBot’s market share should help expand the availability and use of these composite filaments. Perhaps more significantly, MakerBot has also developed so-called “Smart Extruders” which are tuned to each material type.

The news item at has some nice graphics to illustrate each composite material (cropped from MakerBot’s site):


My Approach to Working with Clients on Commissions

A fun approach to commision work is to see it as a joint project. I especially like the idea of checking out the works the client already owns and letting that influence the project .
Sounds like a blast….

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happyclientI do love it when someone enjoys my work enough to want to invest in it at a gallery or exhibition – it gives you a kind of affirmation I guess; but for me there is no greater joy than being commissioned to undertake a bespoke sculpture.  The client will have seen my work and feel inspired enough to want to have one of my sculptures made specifically for them and usually situated in a particular place.detail

Commissioning leads to a special relationship which I not only enjoy but influences me and takes my work in unanticipated directions – after all no two briefs are ever the same and of course the locations differ enormously.

Rhythmic Form2I always go into a new commission with an open mind and look to respond to the site specifically and also to draw upon the tastes and aspirations of my client – what style is their home, what artists do they admire and what do they have on their…

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