Institutions Plan On How To Recover From ISIS Damage To Cultural Heritage

There isn’t much museums can do to resist ISIS in an active war zone. As a result most of their plans focus on Iraq. Actions they can take are limited; mostly related to co-coordinating activities of curators and training more specialists.

Museums can do amazing restorations of art objects but this strikes me as very naive:

Despite destruction by explosives, bulldozers and power tools, which the attackers have videoed and posted online, reconstruction may be possible, Tubb says. Looting means artefacts are lost to the black market, but destruction leaves fragments of buildings and foundations in situ. Others, including Weijland, fear that looting may accompany the destruction.

Any restoration that can correct the damage caused by ISIS is certainly welcome news. Protecting the cultural heritage that is located in the Middle East is a small but not insignificant additional reason to fight for the destruction of ISIS.

A related event is that the Detroit Institute of Arts has unveiled a new gallery devoted to the Ancient Middle East.