Resist All Extremists

The irony of the title, is intended. Islam has gotten a lot of bad press lately for the terroristic actions of psychos who kill people who dare to create any illustration of the prophet Muhammad. You don’t hear much about other religions being intolerant of artistic representations that they don’t agree with but apparently it does happen.

A statue by the sculptor John Darren Sutton, who has worked on the Games of Thrones series, attracted the attention of religious extremists. Mr. Sutton’s sculpture of the Celtic god of the sea (located in Northern Ireland) was taken down and replaced with a cross engraved with the words “YOU SHALL HAVE NO OTHER GODS BEFORE ME”. You know that you have crossed the line between being devout to full-blown fanatical, when you feel the need to control the non-believers.

To be clear – if representations of characters from ancient mythology (Celtic in this case):

Are just too much for you to bear:

Then you deserve an opportunity to share your religious convictions with your fellow inmates.