“The story of the stone” sculpture for Saint Andrews, Canada

I had not heard of the sculpture trail in Maine. I get a kick out of the fact that the Atlantic Provinces decided to expand the trail into their coastal area. I hope that New Hampshire becomes inspired to join the trail as well.

Karin van Ommeren Sculptor

granite-sculpture-karin-van-          ommeren

Over the course of ten years an international sculpture trail has been created in Maine, USA. This trail is situated all along the coastline and consists of 34 monumental, granite sculptures. Two years ago the idea was born in Canada to continue this trial of sculptures along the East coast of Canada.sculpture-saint-john

As I could participate in “Sculpture Saint John” I was pleased to make a sculpture for St. Andrews, a beautiful town in New Brunswick at the Passamaquoddy Bay.

The granite comes from the local “Hampstead Quarry”, a quarry of gray-pink granite. The quarry was last worked in the 1990s.karinvanommeren-stone-saintandrews“The story of the stone”  granite. 280x190x80 cm.   (the picture was taken on the workplace)

Stone is the earth on which we walk,

it gives us life and it carries our history.

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