3D Printed Venus Sculpture

Kim Thoman is a Nebraskan artist who started as a painter but has moved on to become a mixed media 3D sculptor. Here current work is of color 3D printed sculptures on welded steel displays that she then surrounds with one of her paintings.

I was interested in the fact that she uses OffLoad Studios to do her 3D printing. Unfortunately their website doesn’t contain much useful information about their services (http://offloadstudios.com/).

“I learned more and more about 3D printing and discovered the Z printer. As a painter, none of the other 3D printers are of particular interest…as the full spectrum of color is paramount for me. Since I was already wrapping the Venus shape with my paintings for the diptychs and triptychs, it seemed an obvious evolution to 3D print the shape. I am in the process of making new Venus shapes, wrapping with new paintings and designing new welded steel structures to hold her.”

Source: http://3dprint.com/38897/emerging-venus-kim-thoman/