3D Printer That Uses Standard Office Paper AND Prints In Color

I was catching up on the 3D Printer News from CES 2015 and this product caught my attention: the Mcor IRIS – True 3D Color Printer from Mcor Technologies Ltd. of Ireland.

But you can also use paper, yes, the exact stuff you feed the laser printer, as a material. MCor Technologies essentially pulps standard white office paper, mixes it with a form of wood glue, and then uses it to build 3D objects. MCor boasts it is environmentally friendly – no plastics – and is able to blend in ink into the paper to provide high resolution, nuanced color on all sides of the object being built. An MCor object feels like wood and the detail is astonishing. But the “professional shop” printer lists at $50,000. Fortunately, paper is cheap and can easily be acquired by running to Staples or raiding the (laser) printer.

Mcor Tech claims that the on going cost of operating the paper based printer is one fifth of other 3D printers. Since the color is printed on the object you get a wide range of colors (million +). According to Mcor Tech: “No need to coat color models; even uncoated, the color is rich and vibrant and the models durable”.

They describe their printer as “Office Friendly” because it uses standard office paper and has a low noise level. A lot of people aren’t aware of the toxic fumes that many 3D printers give off. According to Mcor Tech the IRIS has no toxic fumes to vent, messy powders to vacuum or dust and no toxic waste (the materials used are all fully recyclable).

Here are a couple of 3D printed items to give you some idea about the build quality:

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