Paralysed But Still Able to Sculpt

Just read about a charity, in Charlbury, England, that has combined eye-tracking technology with 3D printing that allows severely disabled people to create sculptures. From the item it sounds like they started using the eye-tracking technology, usually used to help people speak via computer, to allow disable people to play video games.

The organization, called SpecialEffect, has evolved one of the games into a unique sculpture-creating application. Founder Mick Donegan describes the project:

“The sculpture idea came into my head because as a charity we try to help children with disabilities to play video games, draw and so on.

It means a huge amount to people with physical disabilities because they have all this desire to play and create art and all of a sudden you are giving them a chance to make all these ideas in their heads real. People who cannot use their hands are able to make real objects.”