Project – Recreating Michelangelo’s “Battle of Cascina” In 3D

When I saw the title of this news item: “Bringing Lost Art Back From the Grave via 3D Printing”, my assumption was that these would be projects that “filled” in the missing pieces of famous sculptures like the arms for the Venus de Milo. Instead this is a report on a project to recreate a Michelangelo painting that no longer exists; called the “Battle of Cascina”.

Turns out the original painting was never completely finished and then was destroyed by a jealous rival artist. As luck would have it, there are some of Michelangelo’s preparatory drawings still available. Also, some less notable artists made copies of the original composition; which can be used to recreate the painting.

An artist, named Mushogenshin, took on the project to recreate Michelangelo’s “Battle of Cascina” as individual 3D printed sculptures. Mushogenshin launched a kickstarter project that did not meet it’s funding goal. As a result he has been continuing the project on a part-time basis.

“I started preparing for the project, on and off, since May 2014 by shooting photo reference for anatomical details, employing a big turntable I built in April 2013. In mid-July 2014 I quit one of my day jobs so that I could dive into sculpting the figures.”

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