Is Your Kind of Creativity Hot Or Not?

I had just read a few news items about a couple of studies on how synchronization of body language improves creativity. I was hoping to turn those reports into a blog post but to me the study results boiled down to plain old confusion of causation and correlation; despite their claims to the contrary. Granted I didn’t read the actual studies, only the news reports.

Then I saw this news blog post reporting on a recently published evolutionary psychology book: ‘The Mating Mind: How Sexual Choice Shaped the Evolution of Human Nature’ by Geoffrey Miller. To me evolutionary psychology seems like an intriguing, complex subject. This news blog thought it would be most insightful to focus on listing which types of creative activities are most likely to get you laid.

To start with the author, Mr. Kaufman, agrees with the assertion that “ornamental/aesthetic displays of creativity” are sexier than “applied/technological displays of creativity”. He sums this up by quoting Daniel Nettle: “You remember Beethoven and Brahms, but can you name a single innovator in the field of sewer construction and sewage treatment?”

Maybe it’s just me but Thomas Crapper leaps to mind. It seems a bit ironic that a blogger for a scientific magazine would be tone-deaf to mass media’s traditionally poor quality reporting on science, and engineering activities; thus the public’s limited awareness of those subjects. Perhaps he believes that editorial and reporting choices aren’t a filter but a “pure reflection” of the general population.

You can click-through to the source item, to read the list of top ten hot and not creative activities. Who knew, that being in a band or taking “artistic” photographs was a turn on? If only I knew how to write psychology research grant requests that get funded, I’d be set.