Something You Never Want To Say In A Gallery


Spend enough time visiting galleries and museums and you have to wonder if it will happen to you – making the news for accidently damaging an invaluable artwork.

I just read a long winded report on a woman’s experience after sitting on one of a pair of sculptures that were “suggestive of museum benches”. If you were to damage a work of art, I’m sure you would wonder if you had just become financially ruined. A lot of thoughts went through this woman’s mind. She even wondered the same thing I was thinking reading her piece – “Maybe it was a performance piece tracking everybody who sat on it and their responses?”

Above is Picasso’s painting ‘The Actor’ which was damaged when a woman accidentally stumbled into it. I really like the quote used to start the article with:

“Sculpture is something you bump into when you back up to look at a painting,” someone famously quipped once — maybe Ad Reinhardt or Barnett Newman.

Check the source for the full story – sort of. Don’t miss the comments, which manage to fill out the issue somewhat.