Good Luck and Wishes Recycling Station

Every three years, the arts charity, Creative Foundation holds a public art festival called the Folkestone Triennial. The event is held in Folkestone; which is a seaside town on the south-east coast of England. The theme of the project is that artists are invited to use the town as their ‘canvas’. Sounds like fun, I don’t imagine there are many places bold enough to let artists loose in their public spaces.

One of the installations that caught my attention is a collaboration between a 3D printer manufacturer Renishaw and an outdoor art group called Strange Cargo. The creative and fun result of their joint effort is the installation of a luck and wish recycling point. Their piece incorporates various lucky symbols: horse shoes, wishbones, 4 leaf clovers, shooting stars, etc. The concept is that visitors insert a penny, make a wish and then take a different penny to spread the good luck.

They decided to title the piece ‘The Luckiest Place on Earth’. I’m very impressed that they printed the piece in titanium.