UPS Stores Add 3D Printing Service

Since I don’t seem to have a near-by makerspace I’m very curious about these printing services that are being offered in retail environments. I’m not sure that UPS will be a viable option however.

First, I don’t recall ever seeing a UPS store in my area. At this point, of the stores that offer this service, none are located near me:

What caught my eye is that their costs seem extremely high; not that there is any pricing info on their web site (never a good sign). According to the news item, printing a phone case would cost ~$60. I’ll pass, thanks.

I think they are making a fundamental mistake if they are going to base their prices depending on the complexity of the object. One of the coolest things about 3D printing is, once the model design is complete, complexity should have no bearing on the cost of printing an object. The quantity and type of material you need, to print the object, should be the determining cost factor.