Sculpting in Cardboard

Any material can be used as a medium for sculpture. So far, diamond and plutonium have seen limited use.

Numerous people have and do work with paper. Not sure what is was about Bartek Eisner’s work that caught my eye but I thought I’d share what I have found.

I really like that he kept the raw cardboard edge in this one:

The tree branch with the raven in it might be my favorite:

Bartek Eisner is a freelancer out of Berlin who does other work in addition to sculpture. One item that got me thinking was a foosball player he created. Makes me wonder if a 3D printed item would be fussed solid enough to stand up to being used on a foosball table?

Source/Mr. Eisner’s web site:


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  1. I have been playing with cardboard sculptures for ages. I love it as a medium.

    As a side note I think that foosball table can be solid enough if it was printed on a specific machine. Polyjet parts seem pretty strong at that size. FFM would have to have good bonding to each layer but may be able to do it in abs or nylon. Thanks for sharing-Lino


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