Conversations in Stone

I discovered Kevin Donegan via an announcement promoting his a new show. I think what caught my eye was the name of the exhibit. The show is named after the title of one of his pieces.

Often a lot of thought goes into the naming of a work. I know for me, that one of the hopes I have is that the name I assign will be thought-provoking; along with reflecting the spirit of the piece. Mr.Donegan’s solo exhibition is called “Lock is Key and Other Conversations”. Not sure why but the show name got my mind wandering and I found my imagination’s juices getting started. So, of course, I had to check out some of Mr. Donegan’s work.

I’m not sure how it got started but these days every artist has to write an Artist Statement. I haven’t yet gotten to the point where I can write mine. How does one sum up your personal take on art without sounding hokey or pretentious? I thought the last half of the artist statement that Mr. Donegan wrote, to be well said:

I have a deep connection to stone.  It speaks to me both brazenly and intimately through form, sound, smell, and feel.  I value it for its integrity and character and consider every sculpture a collaboration.  The classification of stone as inanimate (or lifeless) seems to me unfair, if not a complete fallacy.  I believe it is alive.

Here some other examples of Mr. Donegan’s work in stone:


Kevin Donegan’s web site:


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