3D Printing Garden Designs

The Strand Gallery, in London, is holding an exhibition of 3D printed garden designs. You should check out the amount of detail that 3D printing can provide in reproducing the trees.

I used to have a friend that built miniature landscapes for military simulators (back in the pre-digital days), that were impressive and I assume quite expensive. The 3D printed garden models look to have even more detail and I’m guessing can be created for less money than the old school handcrafted models.

Check out the source item, as it was able to embed the Telegraph video promo of the show; which I was unable to get to work.

Source: http://www.3ders.org/articles/20140305-the-first-ever-3d-printed-garden-design-show-miniature.html


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  1. As a sculptor, I am curious about 3d printing, and what it might cost to make small production runs of 20-30 limited editions. Could this be plastic or paper fibre? Hollow? Cost? Tech required?


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