Apple Picks a Statue to Remember Steve Jobs

Apple ran a competition, with over 10,000 artists participating, to design a statue of Steve Jobs; to be installed in front of their headquarters. Man, does the Huffington Post hate the piece Apple selected; calling it “unfortunate”.

Anyone who’s ever owned an iPhone or Mac, or who’s even just seen those things, knows that Steve Jobs was into sleek lines and bold colors, when it comes to design. Radenovic’s winning statue is none of those things

MacRumors posted a translated description of the bust from the sculptor Dragan Radenovic:

I wanted to present some of the recognizable Serbian motifs such as a letter Ш which is the last letter of the Serbian alphabet and Apple rather liked the idea. I’ve also placed the Latin letter A and binary code 0.1 too. I’ve wanted it all to represent a sort of “magnet”.

Here’s what the Huffington Post made of the magnet concept:

During his lifetime, colleagues described Jobs as having a “reality-distortion field” that swayed coworkers and audiences to his way of thinking. That’s the best explanation we could come up with for the magnet.