Woodmere Art Museum to Upgrade Landscape

No, they are not looking for higher quality landscape paintings. Well maybe they are but that would be a different story. What they are planning to do is spruce up their grounds. The interesting thing, to me, is that they are looking to add more outdoor sculpture.

The most visual of the proposed improvements would be a “world-class destination” sculpture garden. The garden would include a redesign of the pedestrian access with walking paths, lighting, signage and patron seating. “The idea here is that it would be more inviting and pleasing and really make it something that grabs people’s eyes,” noted Pamela Loos, the museum’s director of foundation and government relations.

The item mentions that they plan to use a large copper and bronze fountain, designed by Harry Bertoia, as a focal point for the sculpture garden. That sounds very nice, as Mr. Bertoia has done some very interesting public installations. The fountain used to be installed at the Philadelphia Civic Center; which was torn down in 2000. The weird part is that since then, the fountain has been stored in the Philadelphia police barracks. How did that come about? I’m guessing that it is quite safe there. Makes you wonder what other odds and ends they have tucked away, in the nooks and crannies, of Philadelphia’s government real estate.

Typical of a lot of news items about art, they didn’t include any pictures of the fountain. The news item referred to the fountain as “Waves”; which is incorrect. That made searching for pictures a little harder than it had to be. The actual title of the piece is “Free Interpretation of Plant Forms“, installed in 1967. Did some digging and found this:

Source: http://www.newsworks.org/index.php/local/mt-airy-feature/53014-woodmere-art-museum-seeks-grant-for-new-sculpture-garden-and-landscape-improvements

Harry Bertoia’s web site: http://www.harrybertoia.org/index.html

BTW – Christopher William Purdom has put together a great compilation of Philadelphia public art; check it out: philart.net.