Sculpture for Underprivileged Communities

Just read an item about the Glasgow-based sculptor Andy Scott. A key aspect of his portfolio is the work he has created for various housing associations to provide sculptures for regenerated housing areas.

It sounds like these pieces often become icons for the communities where they are installed.

“I like to base my sculptures on what influences the community. And try to take my inspiration from the people and history of the area.

“I’ve found that artwork gives communities a sense of pride – they want to look after them. And it also gets kids interested in art and design, which is a huge bonus.”

If I understand correctly, Mr. Scott’s current project is a sculpture for the entrance to the Forth and Clyde canal at The Kelpies in Scotland. The piece is very attractive but the fact that it also moves in conjunction with the working of the lock is very cool.

Standing 30 metres tall, The Kelpies features two horses’ heads that rock back and forwards, displacing water from a lock to let ships in and out of the canal.