Aren’t All Museums Like the Please Touch Museum?

I always thought it is a bit tricky, to try and place a dollar value on historic works of art. The reality is, of course, that the majority of works you see in a museum are in fact priceless. So, it stands to reason, that not only is it perfectly acceptable to let your children treat a museum as if it were a playground but you should encourage them to do so.

Stephanie Theodore, a gallery owner from New York, posted the picture on Twitter, with the words: “Holy crap. Horrible kids, horrible parents.” Today she told the Standard the parents had been encouraging their two daughters to play on the sculpture — and refused to back down when she confronted them.

She said: “I was shocked. I said to the parents I didn’t think their kids should be playing on a $10 million artwork. The woman turned around and told me I didn’t know anything about kids and she was sorry if I ever had any.”

You got to love the unabashed sense of entitlement. Should their child fall and twist an ankle or break a leg, we all know who’s fault that would be….