Sharing of 3D Files Without 3D Software

If you have put a ton of work into a 3D model, it seems like you would want to be able to show that off to as many people as you can. There is a new platform called Sketchfab that is trying to fill that need. They seem to be marketing the site as a “YouTube for 3D files”.

They do offer a basic free version of their platform. However, if you goal is to have a cloud based portfolio then you will need, at least, the “.ME” level plan; which is $7 per month.

According to the Forbes item they are planning to add a more robust modeling feature to the site (called Sculptfab). The 3D modeling space is pretty crowed already. I’m not sure if that will help their cause or not. It sounds a bit like YouTube allowing you to edit your videos once you have uploaded them; some people would likely be interested in that. I would think it would be smarter to focus on drawing traffic to the platform rather than competing with the modeling software vendors.

I will have to keep an eye on the 3D file sharing space….