Project to Install Sculpture Along Rail Trail

Saw this item in the Newburyport Daily News:

The Clipper City Rail Trail will receive a $50,000 state grant to install sculptures and artistic murals along the route, state Rep. Mike Costello, D-Newburyport, has announced.

At first blush, this kind of project would seem to have a lot of potential. It sounds like it would be very cool to add sculpture along a rail route. That could make the daily commute much more enjoyable.  In this case, the rail trail is actually a hiking/bike trail along an old rail route. Still, it would be pretty neat to add art to a walking trail.

In either case, my question is how do they protect the art from vandals? The majority of people who walk the train would likely enjoy the added visuals. Although I’m sure some people would want the trail to be kept as natural as possible. However, you know there are some people who would take the addition of art to the trail as a challenge; to see how much “fun” it would be to deface the art.

I think adding art to the public spaces in walking trails and along commuter rail would be worthwhile projects, IF they can manage the vandalism. Does anyone know of some examples of where adding art to these types of spaces has worked well?