Kevin Mack’s Art

Discovered his work via Boing Boing. He creates both digitally created sculptures that have been 3D printed and 3D renderings of digitally created sculptures as 2D prints. I think that makes a lot of sense. If you take the time to make a nice rendering, to help sell your sculpture, why not sell prints of the renderings.

Here is an example of a rendering print:

Here is an example of one of his 3D prints:

I also like how he adds some whimsical thoughts to the descriptions of his prints. Mr. Mack clearly has a great sense of humor:

There have been no published clinical studies that prove this sculpture can’t grant wishes.

The piece deals with the power and the illusion of boundaries and control. It offers an antidote for the irrational fear of annihilation and void. It contains everything necessary for enlightenment.

The piece is intended to inspire imagination and contemplation of the self.


Kevin Mack’s Shapeways page: