Staying Alive

Sounds like Mr. Dupree is still fighting to keep his studio (land) from being seized by the city of Philadelphia. Of course the city is just the lever of power. The real culprit is the developer who just wants what he wants, regardless of the impact on others.

According to the city’s very own redevelopment plan, city agencies own more than 400 vacant lots and properties in Mantua. Build there and let my studio stand. There is no reason to use eminent domain against my property.

The news item mentions a petition to support his studio but doesn’t provide a link. The petition can be found here.

Mr. Dupree has also put up a site to gather support. Spread the word….

One bit of possible good news:

I’ve also taken the redevelopment authority to court. My saving grace could very well be the city’s incompetence. My studio lies on three lots. But the city (only) condemned two. You can’t bulldoze two-thirds of a building.

Never underestimate the incompetence of the current ruling class. They are more than capable of bulldozing 2/3rds of a building and then end up paying a huge multi-million dollar settlement (paid for by the tax-payers); in which only the lawyers benefit. Given all the publicity that Mr. Dupree has managed to raise, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if, in the end, the city bulldozed the wrong building. That is exactly the kind of beast that Mr. Dupree finds himself struggling with.