New Printers From 3D Systems

Read a review from Gigaom, a couple of things caught my eye:

Most people know that there are 3D printers that can print food (or I’m guessing, at least, food like items). So it’s not so surprising to hear of a printer that can print using sugar. What I hadn’t given any thought to was just how cool sugar cubes could now be; almost makes me willing to add sugar to my coffee just to be able to use them.

Perhaps you are also aware that there are 3D printers that use ceramics as their material source. I haven’t used ceramics as a sculpture medium since school; as I’ve found it difficult to anticipate the shrinkage when sculpting. I will have to do some research on 3D printers that use ceramics to find out how shrinkage impacts the modeling. If you have experience with ceramic printers I’d love to hear from you.