HP to Release a 3D Printer in Mid-2014

Having a company like HP making and selling 3D printers will certainly change the 3D printer landscape. No question HP disrupted laser and deskjet printing; it’s not clear if they can do the same thing to 3D printing.

The era of open source 3D printing is over.

Others I talked to in the industry echoed Sivertsen: HP’s interest in this market is a good thing. For 3D printing to continue moving forward, there need to be new minds thinking about it in new ways. Stratasys spokesperson Bruce Bradshaw said HP will be able to lend the industry its “deep pockets,” which can go toward R&D. He also noted that without MakerBot (which is owned by Stratasys), the industry might still be invisible. The more people, especially tech giants, that enter, the more visible it will become.

Source: http://gigaom.com/2014/01/06/how-hp-could-reshape-itself-and-the-3d-printing-market/