3D Modeling of Guitar Bodies

The source item isn’t much more than an ad for Autodesk but it raises a couple of questions:

1) Once you are proficient with a give modeling tool is it worth acquiring and learning another tool because it allows for more “fluid surfaces”?

“We use Fusion 360 to develop the form of the guitar,” said Matthew Harris, principal designer at Redpoint Studios. “That software is really good at keeping those surfaces fluid and smooth and allowing for quick manipulation of them.”

2) Do any of my readers have additional information on / experience with “automated wood carvers”?

After designing the guitar body and double-checking it with the customer, they move it over to another piece of software where the routing templates are dropped in. Then it’s off to an automated wood carver, which shapes the design from the block of wood that the customer originally chose.

Source: http://www.techhive.com/article/2044485/3d-modeling-software-helps-design-oneofakind-guitars.html